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Imaizumi Yui 18th August 2017 blog

いつも欅坂46を応援してくださっている皆様。// Dear everyone who always support Keyakizaka46,

この度は突然のお休みで皆様にご心配をお掛けしてしまい、本当に申し訳御座いませんでした。// In this opportunity, i want to apologize for making you worried with my sudden hiatus

約4ヶ月お休みをいただき、通院しながら回復を目指し、身体の調子も大分よくなりました。// These past 4 months, visiting the hospital aiming for a recovery, my body condition has greatly improved.

少しずつにはなってしまいますが // I’m slowly getting by,
またお仕事をさせていただけたら嬉しいなと思っています。// I am happy that i could slowly start working again

ライブやイベントなど // I may not be able to meet all your expectations
皆様のご期待全てに応えることができないかもしれませんが // for live and events but

元気な姿で皆様とお会いできるように // “To be able too see you in a healthy condition”,
心身ともに整えることが今の自分にできることなのかなと思っています。// Is something that i can do with my present body and mind

1つだけ。お知らせしてもいいですか。// There’s something else. Can i say it to you?

…しちゃうよ(´._.`) // … I’m saying it

今日、8月18日発売のblt graph.さんに掲載していただいております。// Today i am featured in blt graph that is released in 18th August

欅坂46が結成されて初めてソロ撮影をして頂いた // I took a …
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Risa Dani (Shunkan AKB Interview Watanabe Risa x Oda Nana)

source from keyakizakamatome
QCed by hmmero & ariadne32391 from S48!
I for Interviewer
I When did you two started to get along?
Oda: When? I wonder since when
Risa: Right from the start we always had different character and personality, so it looked like that we might not get along. But it came to light in Keyakake’s relationship chart.... The peak of my affection for her was 2 months ago. I love her so much, I started to stick close to her that to the point of it being annoying, but right now… it’s like my love has become cold.
Oda: Hahahaha…. (Bitter smile)
Risa: I was too aggressive, and my love turned cold. I like her, but the arrow (in the relationship chart) might not be an accurate representation anymore
Oda: There was a time when Risa’s and (Suzumoto) Miyu’s love were intense. They always stick close to me, calling me “Dani (Oda)~ Dani~” 
Risa: I like her from the start, she was always with me, she is also very kind, I just like her. But, my love for her has peaked and …

Light, 224 (Nagahama Neru 9th August 2017 blog)

Thanks to Varianth from Discord 46 and hmmero from S48 for the QC!


こんにちは。// Hello

今日、8月9日は // Today, the 9th of August,
長崎に原爆が投下された日です。// is the day the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki

72年目を迎えます。// This year will be its 72nd anniversary

私が、発信することを職業としてから // For me, it will be the second “day of atomic bomb”
2年目の「原爆の日」です。// Ever since I started this job

今の世界は、// In today’s world,
様々な問題を抱えています。// There are many/various problems

私が知らないことも沢山。// There are also many things that I don’t know

世界が平和ならいいのに。// I wish the world will become peaceful /I wish the world was peaceful.
世界を平和にしたい。// I want to make the world peaceful.

ずっとそう思っていたはずなのに // That was what I always thought
18歳になった私はいつからか、/ / But ever since I turned 18 years old,

自分になんてそんな規模が大きすぎる、// The scale of the wish is too big for me,
現実的に考えて無理だ。// Realistically I thought, it’s impossible

勝手に悟り、諦めるようになっていました。// It’s a selfish thought, and i ended up giving up

しかし今、// But now,
沢山の偶然と運命に導かれ、// Guided by fate and coincidences,

Me and Hirate Yurina: Kakizaki Memi (BUBKA September 2017)

The Two’s Friendship
There is another theme today and it’s about Hirate Yurina. Kakizaki-san said that you are close with Hirate-san, but how did you two ended up getting together?
Memi “At first, after Ariake Coliseum live, Yurina suddenly hugged me from behind. I really like Yurina, so it surprised me so much i cried and my jaw shook (laughs). From then, our distance shrunk a bit, the next one is in the anniversary live in April, and behind the stage Yurina was on stand by. That moment, suddenly i wanted to hug her (laughs). I was mulling over whether i should go or not, i went to Nagaru (Nagahama Neru) and asks for her advice, “I want to hug her, what should i do?”
A straightforward consulation (laughs)
Memi “Fufufu. Then Nagaru said, “Isn’t that fine? Go hug her”, she gave me the push i needed to make me hug her (laughs)”
How was Hirate-san reaction that time?
Memi “She was really surprised, she said “Eh, who?” (laughs). Actually i heard from before that Yurina wanted to be friends with…

ExTaishu Shida Manaka x Oda Nana x Saito Fuyuka "Keyakizaka46 Happenings"

Imaizumi Yui: Likes to collect seals that gets you a plate

Manaka: She really likes collecting seals that gets you a plate

Oda: That certainly happens (laughs)

Manaka: Ozeki also collecting it, she always take the seal from things members bought (laughs). I always give mine to Imaizumu

Oda: It’s good that members are divided between those who gives to Imaizumi and to Ozeki. I also gives mine to Imaizumi. The reaction she gives to Shida when she get her seal is cute. Imaizumi would say “Thank you!!” looking very happy

Watanabe Risa: Frolic when everyone are together

Fuyuka: There is a huge different between Risa on TV and the usual Risa

Manaka: She’s awfully frolic when we gathers

Fuyuka: She doesn’t show it in Keyakake, right? To Miichan she feels spontaneous but she can also gives gentle response, there’s also time when she gives cold responses to everyone else.

Manaka: Lately she’s strict to Oda Nana (laughs).  Just recently, before we shows up, she said “Oda Nana is really annoying”. Oda N…