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〜fledged〜to the future (2021.10.22)

 Good evening. I have something to tell everyone. I, Moriya Akane, decided to graduate from the group with the end of 3rd single activity. I've been active for 6 years, starting as a Keyakizaka46 1st generation, and when I look back to my idol life that I have walked through, since last year I've been thinking about my future, when I look at the group right now, I thought that I've done everything I could as an idol. When I think about myself from now on, there is a matter of my age as well, and I'd like to challenge something that I want to do someplace else. Not wanting to lie, I came to the decision to graduate. I entered this world as a Keyakizaka46 1st generation, the many sceneries and memories, the emotions I wouldn't know if I wasn't a part of this group and the countless number of experiences... I am truly, truly grateful, to all the people involved who have supported me all throughout the years, including the fans that I have been able to meet. Being a
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☺︎‬ (2021.10.17)

Good evening. Thank you for your hard work today. On 15th,15日は、 We were able to appear on MUSIC STATION's 35th Anniversary 4 Hours Special ‪‪☺︎‬ Congratulations on the 35th Anniversary...! そしてこんな記念すべきに日に 櫻坂46として出演させて頂き、 本当にありがとうございました。 This time there are special production from the start, glitter that is like the MV's world view are fluttering in the air, They have given us a production that made "Nagaredama" become more meaningful and deeper. I was truly grateful and felt happy. We performed "Nagaredama" using the red costume for the first time in MUSIC STATION-san 🌹 I really love the surprising feeling given by how we danced wildly barefoot, that is unthinkable to dance wearing the sweet and lovely red dress with different designs for each person. And, Go-chan, congratulations on your 10th anniversary!🐼 Every time I see Go-chan at the entrance, he is so cute that I just want to take him home I am soothed‪‪☺︎‬ I love Go-chan one-sidedly, so on Go-chan

#31 SCHOOL OF LOCK! Board of Education (2021.10.16)

 Thank you very much for opening this blog!     I'm 22 years old Endo Hikari, from Kanagawa!     ゚+。::゚。:.゚。+。。+.:゚。:.゚。+。。+.。゚:;。+゚+。:     Yesterday, I appeared on "SCHOOL OF LOCK! Board of Education" together with Minami-san and Karin-chan!     I was happy to be able to appear in a radio show that I myself listened as a student during my school days~☺️   I had fun all day yesterday, and was able to enjoy it from the start to finish without feeling nervous!   In my previous blog, I wrote "I have always listened to SCHOOL OF LOCK!", but I was truly happy to know yesterday that board member Toyama himself has read it~ ✨   Since a long time ago, I would shrivel when speaking in front of others, and the conversation would always end with me being unable to say what I wanted to say. You might think, "Then why are you in a line of job that required a lot of speaking!", but I always disliked that self and wanted to change myself.     Even after I started wor

3rd single (13th October 2021)

Good evening! Today is the release of 3rd single, Nagaredama~!! Offshoot from the MV ☺️ To be able to safely reach the release date like this is also thanks to all of you who are supporting us Thank you as always~ This time, I have been selected as a center for the coupling song, Mugon no Uchuu I really love the lyrics, that is gentle and enveloping There are many things that cannot be conveyed unless you put them into words, but I think it's wonderful to have a relationship where you can believe in each other without having o say a word 🕊 I hope to be able to build such a relationship with you who are supporting me, even just for a litle... so I thought By all means, please give the MV a ton of look as well ☺️ Hono-chan, Hikaru-chan, who centered Nagaredama and Dead End was very reliable 😌 I think that in this period we could show you a new Sakurazaka again so I'd be happy if you could support us with fun every day!! And, although she participated in the production period fo

Looking back to Sakurazaka46's 1st year

On 13th October 2020, the screen switched to show the pre-show slideshow. The pictures are the same as the one they showed yesterday, so I didn't pay much attention to it as before, but I remember having a bigger feeling of restlessness and anxiousness. I glanced to see the time displayed on my phone, and there's not much time from the start of the show. Then something struck me.  I always joked to friends that because I've been following Keyaki since literally the first day they started, I'll be following them until the day they ended. Well, today is that day. Literally. I'm not embarrassed to admit that I cried a little as the sense of realization sets in, then calm myself as much as I could right before the start of the show. One year passed since then, and now we are here again. 13th October 2021. To be absolutely frank, I enjoy following Sakurazaka46. The last time I feel something like this was 2016 until maybe late mid-2017. Since then, as you are already awa

Silence is beautiful (22021.10.08)

Good morning     There was an earthquake last night, are you okay?   My house also shaken quite strongly, and there were many things that fell, but we were okay.   Tomu also took cover under the chair!     I was asleep, but I jumped awake and put on a helmet!   When you are in panic, it sure is hard to remember where did you put the emergency supplies 💦   It's important to check the location of your emergency supplies on regular basis.   By all means, please give it a check in preparations for disasters 🪖     *☼*―――――*☼*―――――     The MV for Watanabe Risa centered song "Mugon no Uchuu" from 3rd single has been released 👘     Have you seen it already?           This time, Director Spikey John-san is directing us for the first time! By using a special camera, the filming was done in detail.     The lyrics for "Mugon no Uchuu" is also lovely it has become one my favorite among Sakurazaka songs.   Because it's truly important, it's kept within one's he

THE_TIME,🌈 (2021.02.10)

Morning---!!! I'm Sakurazaka46's 2nd generation member\ from Miyazaki, Matsuda Rina. Thank you very much for opening this blog. There are even more happy announcement! I, Matsuda Rina, will become a Thursday regular For TBS's "The Time" that starts from 1st October and airing from Monday - Friday, 5:20 to 8:00AM!! I feel incredibly happy!! There are worries, but I'll do my best to have a bright and cheerful morning with all of you! Let's have a great morning together~!! My first appearance will be on 7th October (Thu)! I look forward to your continue support!! This is the official home page for "THE TIME"! Starting from October, [I'll be] on Rekomen! and The Time...! I feel excited and thrilled to take on new things I will do my absolute best!! And in Nippon Cultural Broadcasting's Rekomen, from 4th to 6th October, 11th to 13th October there will be "Sakura Storm Festival"!!! On my first appear